Industries we serve

Ecopoise Pest Control does not only give services but we also sell products for pest control operators. Our products are mostly from reputable manufacturers from abroad. The products are carefully chosen for their function, keeping in mind efficiency and health and safety.

Listed below are our different products in their own categories.

Outsourcing adds value to many organisations by allowing them to concentrate on what they do best — core business. ECOPOISE provides a full range of facilities management services, from pro–active commercial pest control to washroom services and maintenance of the plants in your office.

Our pest management services are delivered in a number of different ways, to suit individual business needs.

For Zookeepers and Conservatories the main problem can be the unwanted animals (like rats, snake and moles) which can disrupt the animals in their cages and could possibly contaminate their food. Ecopoise Pest Control offers a monitoring system for these unwanted pests. We can ensure that only the target organism shall be affected. These kinds of Pest Monitoring programs are designed while focussing heavily on health and safety, of not only the animals being conserved, but also the people who is taking care of them. Ecopoise is certified with Environmental Management Systems.

Ecopoise has been involved with conservation projects here in the city and in Al Ain. It’s a high priority for us to preserve this location and artifacts as they remind us of our ancestry. However, as these materials are fragile and special, extra precaution in handling them is a more than necessary. Our team can source out an appropriate way to protect this work of arts and are trained to handle them with all the safety nets required.

Warehousing and Logistics (transportation) relies on efficiency and any disruption from any pest can be detrimental to your company’s productivity and in effect cause loss of income. With goods constantly moving in and out of your business, your facilities are more susceptible to pest infestation. Pest control security is vital and that is what Ecopoise Pest Control excel at.

As for the pest control of the Education Sector, ECOPOISE carries out the treatment with the safest control methods and the safest chemicals we have available. Furthermore we provide green options for the treatment – using naturally occurring chemicals which are of the lowest toxicity level.

Mosquitoes, fleas, flies and rodents are known to infest schools. They are known to carry diseases like malaria, dysentery and leptospirosis. Check the pest control activities in your children school.

Pests should never be allowed in any office environments. Aside from the fact that they are carriers of diseases, they can influence your staff’s productivity by being a nuisance. ECOPOISE will carry out a thorough office pest control audit and treatment for you – identifying potential trouble spots and taking preventive action before any problems occur. In addition pest control treatments shall be carried out in the safest possible manner.

Product Quality and Integrity is a general requirement for the Meat and Meat products business. These requirements includes that the product is free from any contamination caused by pests such as flies, cockroach and rodents. Ecopoise Pest Control products and services can offer the meat industry protection against contamination of meat products from a variety of pests. Our trained technicians and supervisors will work closely with you to put together a tailored, safe and effective Pest Management Program.

Pest Control is a must for Food Industry. The whole process of food manufacturing should be protected to ensure that the product is pest free. Ecopoise offers a customized Integrated Pest Control service for the complete manufacturing process. We will work closely with you to ensure that the Integrated Pest Management solution is a perfect fit for your business. Ecopoise offers a complete package to meet your audit requirements.

ECOPOISE provides many leading hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, rest homes and golf courses with hospitality pest control services to make sure that never happens. For sure, hotel guests don’t want to share their rooms with uninvited guests like rats, cockroaches and flies. Guests wish to sleep soundly in your hotel, which means that bed bugs are out of the question.

In the case of unwanted guests that managed to cross-infest your facility, ECOPOISE will be on call to control the pest infestation and keep your facility pest-free. We provide free education and training for your staff with a Pest Awareness Seminar.

Your home is your personal sanctuary. Pests are unwanted guests and your best option is to call Ecopoise Pest Control to control these pests and get rid of them. Rats and mosquitoes are well-known to carrying disease-causing organisms so it is a wise investment to have a regular pest control operator to visit your home. In any residential setting, Ecopoise uses the least chemical possible because we want our clients to have peace of mind after each treatment. That is why we have the Green Pest Management designed for you.